Friday, May 29, 2015

GRADUATION 2015- Erin Howell

Yes, Graduation on the Mississippi Gulf Coast is this weekend. Erin Howell, who once penned the Jr. Bodock Times is now graduating from Gulfport High School and on the verge of stepping off into another life in college. Everyone is abuzz and Denise, Thunderhoof and I are heading that way to see the event. Congratulations to my wonderful, smart and warm daughter.


Shanarah said...

I was so happy when I see my sister walking proud on the stage last Friday..

Great data for Painting Seattle

benilhalk said...

Graduation party planning! That is so interesting topic to read. Next year I’ll also be throwing my graduation party. So I’ll keep these things in mind. I am thinking to reserve one of the outdoor Boston venues. Isn’t that a good idea?