Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Tractor Races Cancelled

The annual tractor race at the famous Christmas Place has been cancelled by Trent (Lucifer) Howell. This race usually starts at the Rally Camp lodge, winds across the property into the Great Swamp above the lake, cuts up along Thorny Ridge then drops back off into the Misty Forest, up Heart Attack Hill and a steep descent into Quick Sand Flats and back to the Camp. This fun event usually ends with screaming, cursing, fisticuffs and burning tractors. A great time is had by all.
This year Lucifer has claimed Old Blue as his own and will not let anyone take it. He took the key and skedaddled for the Coast before we could beat him back to his senses and the race has been cancelled. Sorry (no refunds).


Anonymous said...

Sad but true. I guess he wants us to cut the 20 acres around camp with the push mower.

Dhalva Silva said...

well, there's always another race to do :)
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