Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Hog and Dumplings

The ground here is extremely dry, in fact the whole state of Mississippi is under a burn ban, and there just aren't many squirrels this year. We had a great camp but for a while it looked like it was going to be hog and dumplings for dinner instead of squirrel and dumplings. Tim Crosby killed a nice hog Saturday morning when it wandered by him and he was able to slip some buckshot in his shotgun.
We ended up having just enough squirrels to make the stew.

It was good to see everyone there and excited about hunting. It is also bow season here and Crosby got a couple deer too. Terry Cutrair got a deer too and as usual our so-called best bow hunter Burney got zilch. Joe Newman handled the organization of the hunt and did a fantastic job. Thank You.
 I said I would mention Stewart Allen in my article. Hi Stewart!
We had another great weekend at the famous Christmas Place and looking forward to more as the main deer season rolls towards us.

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