Monday, November 28, 2016

Hog Eyes

I have seen it before and can now spot it a mile away. The haunted look, shaky hands, drool on the lips, low grunting and moaning and the eyes, yes, wild staring Hog Eyes. Yep, my brother James had HOG FEVER and my friend Phillip at The Hog Blog would have been proud. Mark Stewart stays that way all the time so it is easy to spot. SOB hates a damn hog and James is right in there with him.
I put him at the Beaverdam to hunt deer but he wanted to be close to the swamp in case he heard a hog. He did and snuck to the bottom of the hill eased into the brush and tried his newest contraption. Phillip would be so proud! A new game caller that works through your phone. He turned on the Hog Social Grunt call and a minute later he could see the cane parting as the big hog headed straight at him. At 10 yards it entered the tiny opening and he cut down on it with buckshot between the eyes!
The big hog weighed 230 lbs. A really big one. Congratulations James!

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