Sunday, December 31, 2017

A Droptine Christmas

I have hunted up that lake this year 'til I was blue in the face and finally realized I needed a new plan. I was hunting where the deer weren't, I needed to hunt where the deer was.
I decided to hunt the south cornfield. Everyone tried to get me to change my mind so I knew it must be red hot. It Was!
At 5 o'clock the field was full of deer and this big 10 point with a droptine stepped out. BLAM!
The big buck did not run far and after I checked it I walked out to the edge of the cottonfield to smoke and wait for dark so I could pick up the other hunters.
Out of the woods comes  couple of hogs, BLAM! I got that SOB too!
Erin, Mason, Stewart Allen and I ended up loading them up after a wild hunt through the cottonfield for the hog. This was definitely a wonderful  Droptine Christmas!!!

from the neighbors trail cam


JDP said...


Mailrider said...

Should have put the hog in the picture too!!

Marian Love Phillips said...

So happy you got a very nice buck plus a hog! The pressure is off! Congratulations, Rex!

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