Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Evil Dog Thread

2 weeks ago, Camo could not walk, barely ate and we knew that time had run out on her. This week the Evil Varmint is waltzing around, eating like a hog, barking at all hours of the night and in general being her old self.
Truth told, we came to realize she was being over medicated and now she is a million times better.
The last time she went to camp with me I shot the drop-tine buck, so she is pretty lucky for me too.
She still hates a deer, a hog, a bird, a squirrel, rabbit, turtle, snake, rhinoceros, Paul, Trent and a whole lot of other things, but I sure am glad she is back to her Evil Self.


Marian Ann Love said...

I'm glad Camo is back to her evil self too! I miss seeing her at the camp. Dogs bring a lot of joy to our lives. Give her a pat on the head for me! :)

Mailrider said...

Tell camo to say home. Marley is the new camp dog!