Tuesday, July 17, 2018

A Wedding of Nashville Cats

Yes, we all went to the big wedding of Haley and Alex and had a great time, despite being lost on the Natchez Trace and ending up in Godforsaken, Alabama. We stayed in Franklin, TN and relaxed before the festivities started and then braced ourselves for the party weekend.
A nice rehearsal dinner at a very fancy country club started it and everyone we met was charming, nice and went out of their way to be nice to us. We had a meal, drinks and watched the couple who seemed to glow with all the beautiful arrangements around them.
None of our group was arrested or thrown out the whole night so it was a major success, even though after listening to Paul drone on and on I thought I might be losing my hearing.
The next day was the wedding but we made it to the Country Music Hall of Fame early on and then went to a big event center outside Nashville for the wedding and reception.
Haley looked beautiful, She cried, Alex cried, I almost got stung by a wasp, Wanda cried. Paul was quiet for once. A beautiful service, they were married! and the party started with a few hundred guests. A sit down dinner, then the music started and the drinks flowed. It was great until Mr. Tightwad cut us off at 10:30. There was still whiskey left!
I have made this short but it truly was great. The rehearsal dinner, the wedding, the party, the whole atmosphere and all of Alex's friends and family were super nice.
Congratulations to Alex and Haley Boyd on your new life together. See you at camp!

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Marian Ann Love said...

My congratulations to the newlyweds, Alex and Haley! May God Bless and carry them through a lifetime of blessings and happiness.