Thursday, August 02, 2018

List of Events fpr Carnival Weekend

The Carnival starts early this year with many vendors arriving today. There is lots of activity in the park as they set up tents and get the party going.
10:30 AM- The Annual Geriatric Three Leg Race- Circle the Park, first one to live to cross the finish line wins!
12:00 Noon-  Watermelon Jugglers will be performing in front of the Family Hair Loom. Ohh the thrills of juggling 20 pound melons.
2:00 PM- Watermelon Fight- This is the big event for every kid in town. A free-For-All food fight in the park. Ambulances will be on site.
5:00 PM- The Watermelon Sky Dive Team will deploy over Water Valley. Please do not shoot at the performers.
7:00 PM- Bonfire and Hotdog Cookout- We will be burning Paul Howell in effigy this year, followed by hotdogs cooked over his hot coals.
10:00 PM- End of day- Sleep it off cause Friday is going to be a big day.

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