Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Big Buck Down

While I was in the Grove at Ole Miss, still pretending that football season wasn't over, Burney started texting me with the pictures of the buck he killed Saturday morning in the rain.
It was a big 6 point. Six point? Six point? What??
He said "Yeah, it weighed 280 lbs!" Ahhh, What?
"Yeah.... What? Yeah.... What?"
He sent pics, you decide
It was a damn big deer though.


Berlin Howell said...

No Rex 280lbs!!!!!!!!

Mailrider said...

WITH A BOW! 280lbs!!! Congrats to Burnie. I am still trying to get over this hernia I got pulling him up that hill. Then the other hernia we got lifting him into the gator. Great start to the season. Embarrassing the JEALOUSY of SOME people.

hj said...

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