Tuesday, October 13, 2009

News From Deer City

While Mark, Paul and I were getting lambasted at the game, Trent was working. The remaining fields that needed planting were still too wet to get a tractor into, so he finished them the old fashioned way, with a hand spreader. I don't brag on that crooked lawyer often, but I do want to say Thank-You. The only thing he did wrong was to trade our milk cow for some worthless magic beans to plant in our food plots. I can't even tell you the problems that caused. Now that football season is over and everything is finally planted, we can get back to the important job of deer hunting.

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Matt said...

Football season may be over in Oxford, but it's just heating up in Blacksburg! Guess this won't be the year that I realize my dream of the Hokies and Rebels playing in a bowl game.