Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Golf Camp Update

Everything is falling into place for the big Golf Camp this weekend. Dad and Guy Dale are coming, Bebo, Joe Black, Barry Weeks, all the Howells and a few more. The only problem we are having is with the MailRider. He is jealous that his sorry ass wasn't invited. Too Bad, stay home with your Union pals.
Saturday night is the really fun part of this when we go into Yazoo City for the big crawfish boil. This is at Rib Eyes. It got blown away by the tornado but he is working like hell to get everything going. Got to keep those Lounge Lizards pulling in customers. We might have to put a leash on a couple of the boys in our party. All the guys are stuffing rifles and shotguns down in their golf bags, can't tell when a hog might show up. Not counting the ones at the bar.
More details later

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mailrider said...

I've heard of wedding crashers but golf crashers! Man this is going to be fun. While ya'll bogie busters are out, young skywalker and I will get some work done.Tally ho!!