Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Toby Tubby's Gold (5)

A Letter From Peggy McCall
This is part of a letter from a Miss Peggy McCall to her friend Mary Lou Williams in Water Valley. The letter is dated May 16, 1851 and I have only included the part that seemed to be about Chief Toby Tubby.
“Do you remember that little slave boy, John, the one was saved from being buried alive by the Indians? Well now he is grown and goes by the name of John Campbell. He is an amazing man here, loved and respected by whites and blacks alike. All the children call him Mr. John….”
Everyone around the Oxford area knows the Campbell family and they are still respected today. I put his name on the list to do more research on.

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Charmie said...

I am so proud to be noted as a friend of Peggy's. She was (and is) a dear friend of mine.

Mary Lou Williams