Monday, June 14, 2010

Camp Crazy Heat

Denise, Camo and I went down to the camp on Saturday and it was crazy hot. the temp stood at 100 and the heat ndex was 110. Of course Dad got some work out of us. the first thing was we had to drain his stupid pond again. I hope that damn thing dries up soon.
My ferocious dog ran 4 hogs out of the pond and with her bravery done, spent the rest of the time laying in the water while Trent, Paul Jones and I dug out the drainage ditch.
Later I took Camo and Denise for a ride over to the big woods across the Beaverdam. We looked at the Indian Mound on the bluff there and the pretty woods but it was so hot that we returned to camp pretty quickly. Trent went hog hunting to no avail and then Dad and Paul Jones went fishing. They caught a pretty good mess of fish.

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Goon said...

What kind of fish are those?