Friday, June 04, 2010

Time For A Hogathon

Received an email from our friend and farmer George Cunningham
Saw over a hundred hogs yesterday on Xmas and Refuge. When is next hog hunt and try to eliminate a few? Kill them and call us. My men will pick up and clean and eat if no one wants them. GBC
Time to load your rifles, call your granny, stoke up the fires and sharpen your knives. We are under attack! Time for a hell raising hogaton to get rid of these porcine pests.
Somebody call Phillip and anybody else that wants a freezer full of pork for the next couple of years.


Phillip said...

Woohoo! Have gun, will travel!

NorCal Cazadora said...

Have gun, don't have travel money. :-(

Marian Love Phillips said...

Have gun and only an hour and 15 minutes away. Can't wait to get me one of those nasty, disgusting, but good eatin porkers! ;)

joey said...

im game .. bringing a bow!!!

Anonymous said...

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