Monday, July 26, 2010

The Freezer Rebellion

Yes, I went to my little house and dug out the freezer that I had in there and donated it to the camp. Did I get any appreciation? NO. All I heard was "Ewww" it's dirty. Finally got Mark to help load it on the trailer. He said "Ewww, that damn thing will never work."
Got it to camp. "Eww, it's too dirty to help unload." Made a phone call and got Bob and Marian to come and help clean it up since no one else would help me. They joined right in and we got it clean, plugged in, and running like a top.
I promised my Vicksburg friends a hog hunt in the near future.
And all that "Eewwing"..... when the freezer is full of deer and wild hog, you can Ewww all the way home empty-handed.

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KClowlife said...

I never understand people in a hunting crowd who are scared of getting their hands dirty. Anyhow, it was nice of you to make the donation.