Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Are Your Ducks In A Row?

This week in Water Valley the Howell's are busy getting their ducks in a row. Trent is having a new paint job put on the office that changes it from one of the ugliest buildings to one of the nicest in town.
Dad is lining up the weekend at camp. The bulldozer will be coming to run out all the roads at camp and to work on any fields that need expanding. He also has to get the bulldozer into his duck hole for some ungodly reason that we still haven't figured out.
I am trying to get all my rentals settled for the winter, finish a stack of appraisal work, and keep the whole US economy going on my nickel.
Camo is sleeping and eating.
Now that we are into August the focus of everything is changing to getting the camp prepared for the coming deer season. We made it through the Watermelon Carnival and we survived the big wedding of John and Leslie.
From here on out we will be heading to camp almost every weekend until all the planting is done and all the stands are ready to go.
Meanwhile, my other evil brother (Paul) is doing nothing. He did not come to the hot wedding and I really don't expect him this weekend. I am sure he will be there opening day (as usual)

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