Thursday, August 19, 2010

Upcoming Events

1. Dove season is just around the corner and this year we have sunflowers!
2. Interview With Thunderhoof- another interview with the gigantic deer on the state of the Christmas Place deer herd and the inept hunters trying to get a big buck.
3. Early Muzzle-load Season mixed with the Youth Hunt, should be interesting.
4. Squirrel Camp- an octogenarian event of debauchery
5. Rex takes the Swedish Bikini Team hog hunting- camp is closed to everyone that weekend.
6. Archery season- can Burney survive?
7. Football season- follow the Rebels in the SEC as we pull for the perpetual underdogs.
8. Halloween Ghost stories- and lots of 'em
9. Gun Season-- should be the best season we have ever had.
10. Posts on our strange guests- will Matt show up?
11. Rex goes to New York- I will be heading to New York with the antlers of Thunderhoof to be recognized by the President for my skill in taking the evil buck
12. My retirement- after taking the biggest buck in the world, I will blog continually about it and my retirement.


Anonymous said...

Always entertaining my love...

SARSpecialist said...

Looks like a full schedule... cant wait to see how it comes out.