Thursday, November 18, 2010

2010 Interview With Thunderhoof

(for your info) Thunderhoof is the biggest whitetail buck in the world and the leader of the deer herd in the Mississippi delta. He is hundreds, maybe thousands of years old and lives on the famous Christmas Place. They say that when he runs you can hear Thunder and lightning flashes from his hooves. He is extremely smart and may be a pooka in disguise.
Here is his annual interview.
ed- Saturday starts deer season, what do you expect from the hunters at the Christmas Place?
thoof- The same ole thing, a few bucks here and there but they still haven’t gotten one of my record book boys.
ed- Will they get you?
thoof- hahahahahahah
ed- what about Stewart, he’s a member of the 10 point club now?
thoof- perennial loser
ed- Rex swears that this is the year.
thoof- Please, he or his dog can’t even come close.
ed- Hershel says he will hunt this year and you are his #1 target.
thoof- he would be better served getting that garden going so I can have fresh greens.
ed- Paul saw a big buck the other day and says that he will limit out this year.
thoof- his idea of a big buck and mine differ by about a million miles.
ed- Trent is persistent and hunts hard, any chance that he could get you.
thoof- No, he hunts the same old stands and is hard of hearing too. I will probably tinkle on his tree while he is hunting.
ed- Ok, what is the state of the herd on the Christmas Place?
thoof- there are more big bucks than ever and the hunters should have a great year, of course Burney had his last year. I expect them to take about the same number of bucks but it will take something special for them to get a record book deer. Ain’t gonna happen.
ed- goodbye and good luck
thoof- see you in the funny pages
PS- no matter how many times I take that worthless deers' picture, it comes out as a pink rabbit.????????????????


Anonymous said...

At least Thunderhoof looks very "snuggly", disguised or not. Thanks for the laughs!! xx, D

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