Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Meeting Of The Ten Point Club

Skull, MS> In the secret labyrinth beneath the unpretentious camp house of the famous Christmas Place Hunting Club the members of the Ten Point Club filed into the stone meeting room next to the torture chambers. All members were dressed in their regal attire to begin the somber conclave. The bar was opened of course and everyone relaxed to enjoy the evening. Most threw darts at the cutout figure of Thunderhoof while they waited and soon the Big Magumba approached the podium. This caused a cheer and then a chant started to grow in the crowd.
"Fine Paul, fine Paul, fine Paul!" The noise grew in volume as the leader took another drink and raised his hands to quiet the crowd and start the meeting.
"The first order of business is to fine Paul for stupidity!" the crowd went wild, antlers were thrown into the air, there was a rush to the bar as free booze was passed around and everyone toasted the great news. Paul was not impressed.
After control was reestablished the Chief said "The second order of business is to induct Mark Stewart into the Ten Point Club." There were many hoots and catcalls of disbelief and beer cans were thrown in his general direction while many demanded a recount, but Mark was led to the sacred altar and given the Blood Rituals and a great round of applause greeted him as he was led back to his seat.
A bounty of a million dollars was put on the head of Thunderhoof (again), the rules were laid down of how many deer could be taken and by whom and Trent got a chance to bitch at everyone about all the other rules. By the time he wound down everyone was drunk and (blue deer hunting videos) were started for referencing future tactics. Everyone had a good time and Burney got the Best Deer Award for his 13-point. Now the season can start.


Anonymous said...

Okay, I forgive you this time....I read it and once again am impressed and awed by how your mind works. Love you mucho, D

mailrider said...

Thank you for the inducton and the honor to be allowed into this storyed club. I will always try to maintain the high ideals set forth by our grand pooba Rex(the one with all the horns on his head). Let the season start and DEATH TO THUNDERHOOF AND ALL HOGS!!!!!!!