Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Fourth Of July Recap

It was close but we made it through the weekend without anyone getting shot or stabbed. I almost had to shoot myself Sunday as my golf game completedly disappeared and I hacked it around horribly.
Saturday was different. This was the day of the Howell Open and my team ended up with a ringer. Betty Bullion made her debut in the Open and proved deadly to the other teams. She sank a couple of 20 foot birdie putts and chipped another one in for a birdie as we kicked the crap out of the other teams. Paul, Betty, Greg and I won enough money off those losers to last until next year.
Sunday was different and Paul and I went to Oxford to meet Bill Howard, Mark Larson, and Bob Schull. I got the crap kicked out of me, but I do enjoy playing golf with those guys and the Ole Miss Golf Course is in perfect condition. The upside was that this was the annual time of year that Paul has to pay Mark after he gets beaten to death on the golf course.

Monday mroning the guys played again and Bebo won all of his money back as I still played horribly and Paul had not shaken off his defeat on the previous day. Will post the party pics of Saturday night and the big party at Aunt Marilyns later.

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mark larson said...

folks, i promise you that i would not be any more excited if i beat tagger woods than i get when i take $$$ off the Governor of the Mississippi Gulf Coast, Paul Howl! as they say, it just doesn't get any better than this-til next time. seriously, i love these guys and cherish every moment we spend together. they're my brothers!