Monday, July 18, 2011

The Love Seat Hog

Trent has been after those hogs all summer and this weekend he headed down to camp again with his wife Shelley to hunt. It was a pleasant day out and they sat in the love seat swing to talk and enjoy the afternoon before he left to hunt. It was a quiet romantic day and as they taked he stared into her eyes, they moved closer together and suddenly there was a loud G-R-U-N-T as a big hog ran across the yard. Holy Crap! Trent jumped up, Shelley fell over (still puckered up), Trent raced into the house, grabbed his gun and started sneaking across the yard while hiding behind the little peach tree. A whole covey of hogs appeared!
The hogs congregated in the big field behind the camp without a care in the world as Trent sneaked, snuck, crept up on them.
Trent finally remembered to load his rifle, took a rest and BAM! the biggest hog fell. The hunt was over and another hog on the pole.