Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Ancient Trunk

Paul and I found the old trunk easier than you might think. As kids we had a desire to collect old artifacts of all kinds. Arrowheads, old coins, old bottles, whatever was old and might be valuable one day. I can't tell you how many old creeks we walked, how many old dumps we dug in or how many old hearths and floorboards we checked. We both have an eye for things like that and realizing that the old bathroom was not as deep as it should be intrigued us. Breaking into the small space we found the old trunk. It is well preserved and full of parts of journals, photographs from the turn of the century and how the Christmas Place became a hunting legend. The man behind it all was Horatio S. Christmas, the famed explorer and big game hunter. A man obsesssed with the rarest, most extraordinary creatures in the world.