Friday, March 02, 2012

The Lammey Trap

Judge Jim Lammey leaned back in his leather chair, put his feet on the desk and gazed out the window. It had been another long day of goofing on the internet and oogling secretaries. A truck pulled into the lot outside, screeched to a halt, half blocking two spaces and a man hopped out and hurried up the steps to the courthouse holding a speeding ticket in his hand. Holy crap! He recognized him! It was Mark Stewart, his old hunting buddy. Judge Lammey thought a minute, picked up the phone and called downstairs to the courtroom.
Mark, the old Mailrider went to the desk to pay his ticket and the pretty little girl told him not to worry about it, he was only going a few miles over the limit and his license was in good standing. She tore up the ticket and wished him a good day.
Wow! What a stroke of luck, Mark thought as he practically skipped out the door and down the marble steps to his pickup. Unfortunately there was a brand new parking ticket in the center of his windshield. Damn! What a screw-up! He looked around, shook his head, got in the truck and drove off.
Judge Lammey, peeping out the window, almost had a heart-attack laughing so hard.