Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Barn-Storming Thunderhoof

We found an interesting picture in the old trunk that was discovered at the famous Christmas Place. This picture is of the famous Barnstormer, Dare Devil and Wing Walker, Tyrone P. Remington who was once a member at the famous Christmas Place. This brave pilot had a plan and swore to kill Thunderhoof out of his new fangled flying machine and flew off to judgement. The story we pieced together was this.
Captain Remington grabbed his shotgun and took off in his bi-plane and began to circle the large fields on the Christmas Place, Thunderhoof had never seen an airplane and promptly ran out of the woods to the center of the field to watch this thing buzz around his head. Remington spotted the giant buck standing there watching him circle and became unglued. As he zoomed past he promptly shot the wing off his plane, made a couple of loops and twists and crashed up near the lake. Thunderhoof watched in amazement and finally trotted back into the woods. The famous pilot was buried in Yazoo City still clutching his shotgun.

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