Friday, April 13, 2012

Hillbillys On Campus

So we jump in the Caddy and head to Oxford. It's Me, Denise, Camo, Dad, Aunt Maralyn and Thunderhoof all crammed in there together. I told Thunderhoof he looked funny wearing a tie and he said I look funny wearing shoes.
We met Paul and Wanda at the door to the Ford Center and hurried in. It was a wonderful event and of course Hillary was absolutely beautiful and didn't even fall down crossing the stage to receive her medal. We gave Hillary a bouquet of Roses and enjoyed the following reception with all the honorees. Thunderhoof and Camo managed to eat about half the little cupcakes until we made them go outside. Almost had to put Paul out there with them.
Afterward Camo wanted pancakes but we ended up going to Newts for a late pizza. It really was a fun night for everyone.


mailrider said...

You must have forgotten the part about calling young Skywalker and inviting him along for all the fun and food. ???? They say when you get old, the mind is the first to go.

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