Wednesday, June 13, 2012


A bag of peanuts is required equipment to carry with you any time you are on the property at the famous Christmas Place. In 1847 the last two wild Mammoths were captured and released on the property and they have flourished. It is kind of unnerving to be slipping through the woods and hear the trumpeting of one of these varmints and hear it coming at you on a dead run, then whopping you on the head and going through your pockets with it's trunk to find some peanuts. Damn things are spoiled rotten.
Two or three times a year we go up to the lake with long brushes and get in the boat while they are out cooling off in the water and scrub them down. No, I don't know why except Dad likes doing it. We always end up drenched from them spraying us, and yes we have to give them peanuts to get them to hold still. So if you come to the famous Christmas Place for a visit, stock up on goobers.

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