Monday, June 18, 2012

Sore Monday

Denise and I took Erin and her friend Destiny to Sardis Lake to meet Mark and Kim for a fun filled day in the sun. Like an idiot I tried to ski. Not a good idea. We had a great time and then for Father's Day I met Paul and Michael at the University Golf Course to play golf at 8AM the next morning. I think I hit the ball around 1000 times in a display of golf that you will never want to see repeated.
I dragged myself home and watched the US Open, Denise made her world famous Lasagna and off to bed.
Today my whole body is aching and sore. It was a fun Fathers's Day weekend.


mailrider said...

well--ya'll ain't the only ones sore. Even Marley is walking around slowly. Had a lot of fun.

Shawna said...

How fun! I'm sure the girls had a great time!