Monday, November 26, 2012

Mississippi Boat Ride

I went up the Lake Saturday morning and had a really good hunt. saw several bucks but not the big one I wanted. Came in for lunch and Trent asked if he could go up the Lake with me that afternoon.
We headed up the Lake and I dropped Trent off in a gar hole where he would never kill a deer much less see one. I got on my stand and a couple of hours later heard him shoot. BLAM! The sound reverberated off the water and I hunkered down. Saw wome more deer and a couple of nice bucks and right before dark a big hog came out. I cut down on him. BLAM, BLAM, he was still moving, BLAM! I finally got the hog in the boat after dark, found Trent, got his big buck in the boat along with all our equipment and rifles and headed toward the dock. The little aluminum boat was absolutely full and loaded to the gunwales. The little electric motor could just barely push us and I think all you could see was our noses coming up the lake cause the boat was almost under water.
We finally made it to the dock and Trent turned and said"Now, that's a Mississippi Boat Ride!"
Trent's big buck was 185 lbs with a 17 inch spread. Really, Really Nice, but the important thing was my giant hog. It was a big Rochester Redback. the most evil hog of all. 160 lbs. of pure murderous hate with 3 inch tusks dripping with blood. I should get a medal! Here's a pic of our successful Thanksgiving weekend hunt.

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