Monday, November 19, 2012

Opening Day Success

Opening day of the first gun season was the most successful we haqve ever had. My dad fell and hurt himself Friday night and put a damper on things but everyone hunted Saturday while he laid up
Paul took this fantastic 8-point 200 lb., 20 inch spread buck about 7:30AM when it came wandering up to him like they always do.
We, of course were all happy and excited for him, as we tried to decide whether to shoot him or knock him in the head with a stick as we listened to him drone on and on about it.
That afternoon I headed up to the South Corn field, Spencer went to Spike Camp and Trent went to Squirrel Road. At 5:30 this super nice 7-point 190 lb., 17.5 inch spread buck came through and BLAM! I got my buck! I heard Spencer shoot and when I got to camp Spencer had taken a really large 140 lb. doe. 
So, two nice bucks for opening day, which we have never done before. Paul and Trent also got hogs this weekend to top it off. The only drawback is Dad has a couple of cracked ribs and will be on the sidelines for the unforseeable future. 

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