Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Scorched Hog

To the best of my knowledge this is what happened. There was a terrible storm brewing just before daylight as everyone headed out to their stands. A low rumbling in the sky was growing and Trent decided he would hunt the Point Stand in case the storm hit and he could get back to camp quickly.
At daylight he was safe on his stand as the big clouds rolled above him and then the wind went still.
Everything was deathly quiet and he could hear the quick steps of an animal trotting toward him through the brush. He knew it was a big buck and raised his rifle. A big, black hog came out and crossed in front of him. "Hell with this" he thought and found the hog in his scope.
Everything went white as a huge bolt of lightning cut the sky and hit. He jerked away as he pulled the trigger and the sound of the shot was lost in the loud KA-BOOM of the lightning strike. When he could see again the hog lay dead about 50 yards from him. He jumped out of the metal tripod lightning rod he was sitting in and came back to camp. We got the hog and Trent feels like he hit him solid but all I found was a big scorched mark on his side.

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Phillip said...

Take 'em any way you can get 'em! Lighting strikes count!