Monday, January 28, 2013

Closing Out The Season

We closed out the deer season in style this weekend as Trent got a really nice 192 lb. 10-point to close the season. He shot this big deer up at the Elbow stand on Friday afternoon with his muzzleloader. the deer came out about 150 yards on him and he had to wait and wait for the shot. At 125 yards he shot. BOOM! The deer fell like a sack of potatoes. He wandered over to check on him and the buck jumped up and took off! Trent took off too! Trying to reload at a sprint, he left a trail of clothes, bullets, deer lure, primers, flashlight, his ramrod and even one boot. He ran along trying to reload his damn rock thrower and managed to blast the deer when it momentarily fell at the edge of the field. Either way he managed to get the deer and we all celebrated when he got it back to the camp.
In other news, Spencer brought his friend Blake Lowery to camp and they managed to double-up at the Taj Mahal to end their season.

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