Thursday, August 01, 2013

Watermelon Carnival Week

The vendors are setting up across the street from Howell Enterprises and the excitement of the annual Watermelon Carnival is beginning. I do not know if we can beat the excitement from last year as the world famous skydiver, Dirk Danger (the man without fear), jumped from a biplane that flew over the park in Water Valley to start the Carnival. Thousand watched as he did cartwheels and flips on his plunge toward the Earth and then watched as he screamed like a girl that his parachute would not open as he came zooming down and landed in a gigantic load of watermelons in the back of Percy McCall's pickup. Watermelon flew 30 feet in the air! We thought he was dead for a minute, until they dragged his stupid butt out of the pile with a broken arm, broken leg, 5 broken ribs and 2 black eyes. The crowd cheered and begged him to do it again but Dirk had had enough and left by ambulance soon after Percy gave him the bill for the Watermelons. I don't think he is returning this year.
Don't worry, we will be live blogging all the action at the DEER CAMP BLOG!


Rick Kratzke said...

That was some excitement for sure I guess. I think you are right that he isn't doing that again.

What a waste of good watermelons.

Marian Love Phillips said...

You guys have fun...I remember when we came up there for the Watermelon Carnival selling Bob's copper trees and your Dad's book. Good memories. I hope it is a little cooler there for the event. It was 100 degrees here today and very humid. Looking forward to hearing about all the action on the Deer Camp Blog! :)