Monday, August 19, 2013

The Tribe Of The White Arrow

Chief YoSenAToBy was the leader of the Chickasaw band of Indians that lived at the famous Christmas Place 
many moons before the tribe was moved on “The Trail of Tears” to Oklahoma. He was a very smart leader and became famous in Mississippi as the leader of the Tribe of the White Arrow.
The proud and cunning warrior had a vision when he was made Chief. The Spirit of the Great Deer of the Hills appeared to him and showed him the white rock in the streams and sides of the bluff and told him to protect his people in a way that all would realize the greatness of the Tribe.
As the Indians made arrowheads, he realized that his tribe would become widely known in the Indian world if all of his warriors would use the abundant white quartz in the creeks and hillsides to make arrowheads and spears. Later, they even dyed the shafts of their arrows white and became much feared and respected among the Mississippi tribes as the white men first entered the country.
Everywhere, he became known as Chief White Arrow and the Indian people of the bluffs became known as the Tribe of the White Arrow. 
When they left Mississippi they left this stuff everywhere.
I am putting up a few pics of the arrowheads for you to see.

We find the damn white rock everywhere and the yellow streaks in it sure are pretty, but we just toss it out of the fields. The arrowheads and spear points are all over the place but who wants a lot of leftover Indian trash poking holes in the tractor tires and breaking our disk.