Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Moon Doggy

Halloween is one of the best times to be a the famous Christmas Place. The weather is pleasant and usually cool at night. We don't get the chance to be there very often but
when we do it is always a special time once the sun goes down. We always have a big fire outside and it is a time for ghost stories to be told and for old legends of the area
to be repeated. One of the scariest is the story of the Moon Doggy.
On a full moon sometimes you can hear a wild and terrifying howl that echoes through the woods and sweeps down through the valleys. A terrifying sound that seems to freeze the

blood. Locals know the horrifying cry and say it is the Moon Dog or Moon Doggy. A terrible wolf like creature that prowls the night and can run on 4 legs but can stand like a
man when it wants. It keeps to the darkness and shadows and has been known to kill all kinds of animals from cattle to deer to dogs and even unwary humans.
Tales of people who have seen the beast are passed on and the legend grows, and mommas always tell their children to be careful in the woods or the Moon Doggy might get them.

No one within 20 miles of our land would dare go in the woods at night without a light and a gun and it has been a good story to tell around the campfire and scare our guest
and kids, but recently we have found slaughtered wild hogs that have been ripped apart by some ferocious animal of immense strength. There was talk of maybe a mountain lion but
the old timers that hunt these hills say it is the Moon Dog and a new cycle of terror is coming. The last reported sighting has been almost 10 years ago when the moon was in a
cycle very close to Earth. It seems the few sightings and bloody killings only coincide with the closest and biggest full moons like the one that is coming this year.
So if you come down this year keep your eyes open and don't wander off alone, especially without a gun or the Moon Dog might get you.

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