Friday, October 04, 2013

Happy 87th Birthday Dad

I was hoping to surprise Dad this morning on his 87th birthday, but he was already up and gone to camp. His idea of celebrating is driving a tractor, fishing, hunting or just prowling the woods until 4 o'clock in the afternoon when it is time for a relaxing drink and to talk about the day.
He has lost his hearing but not his drive and he is always on the move. The famous Christmas Place is his dream and he is living every moment of it. How many men his age can do half of what he does? Hell, I hope I can just live that long. Congratulations to one spunky, tough 87 year old!


Marian Love Phillips said...

Rex - That was a very nice Birthday tribute to your Dad and I know he is so proud of all his sons and his daughter! I do hope he has many, many more to come! You and your family are so fortunate to still have him in your lives and I know you will always treasure the fond memories!

Matt said...

Hey Rex. Tell your dad happy birthday for me even if I am more than a week late. I was just telling someone about his books the other day. Wish he'd write another one; they were really good!