Friday, November 22, 2013

Deer Eve

Today is Deer Eve in Mississippi, and in my little hometown of Water Valley everyone is gearing up for Opening Day of rifle season tomorrow. Of course there are a few other things going on here like it's raining like hell and the big game against Missouri is tomorrow but all in all the excitement and preparations for the big day are everywhere. I don't think I have ever seen as many 4-wheel drive trucks cruising the streets and every one of them has a 4-wheeler in the back or a Bad Boy Buggy on a trailer behind it.  Every vehicle has a rifle in a gun rack too! It also looks like the whole town has gone Camo. Hunting clothes are the fashion of the day and got to have those hunting boots and a knife on their belt.
In the distance the ringing of gun shots is going on even in the pouring rain as people line up their rifles at the last minute. Do you know how expensive bullets have become? Can't waste many!
Hopefully the rain will clear off and a pretty day will dawn tomorrow so that we can all get that big buck we are dreaming about. Where are my boots?

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