Monday, November 25, 2013

Trent's 280 lb. Buck?

Trent Howell shot the biggest deer ever taken in our camp this past weekend. It was a 10 point that weighed in at 282lbs. That's bigger than Camo! Yes, we weighed the damn thing, twice. He shot this rhinocerous at the Point Stand and HEY! Paul is out there hunting right now! Paul ! That deer is dead! Come back! Too late, he's already been antlerized. So we are heading to the camp with a vengeance to get a big buck on Wednesday and to stay through the Thanksgiving holiday. Here are a couple of pics of the huge ga-ranimal.


Phillip said...

That is one HAWG of a buck! Congrats to Trent, and good luck to the rest of you trying to top it.

Hmmm... pretty sure that's the one I saw sleeping in the brush last spring.

Marian Love Phillips said...

My goodness that is one HUGE buck! Give my congrats to Trent for me and I do hope you get one bigger! :) Wishing you GOODHUNTING and Happy Thanksgiving to all you guys! Looks like the weather will be perfect hunting this holiday week! :)

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