Monday, January 13, 2014

5 Minutes Gets 10 Points

Spencer and I rushed to camp on Friday and got there a little after 4 o'clock. By the time we got dressed, we had about an hour to hunt. We jumped on the 4-wheeler and headed to the closest stands we knew of, the Sneaky Stand and the Sand Ditch Stand. I got on the Sneaky and Spencer headed up the logging road to the Sand Ditch. He couldn't have been there 5 minutes when I heard him shoot.
He said that he had just sat down for a minute when he heard the buck coming up the creek and it was past him before he could shoot. He grunted at the deer and just like in a Paul Howell hunt, it turned and headed right to him. BLAM! The quickest hunt a man could have. Congratulations on this fine 10 point. (PS- I didn't see squat)