Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Creeper

The tracks have been found and now everyone knows that it is not safe to go into the woods at the famous Christmas Place. The giant evil creature shows up around the first of February each year and hangs around until April. During that time it ravages any crops it can find and kills and eats any animal it can creep up on. This giant hog is known in these parts as "The Creeper" with tusks almost a foot long. We still go to camp but bar the doors at night and only let Camo go out at night to guard the house. That's one mean dog! This year we are having a hog camp centered around only one thing. Kill the Creeper. Will let you know how many hunters we lose in the effort.


Phillip said...

That sucker would look awful pretty with my crosshairs on his forehead.

Scale Lily said...

Really? A foot long.