Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Chivalry is Dead, and So is Wanda's Buck

My evil brother, no Paul, shot this fine deer last weekend as he snatched the rifle out of his wife's hand when it walked out into an open field at the famous Christmas Place. He had taken her hunting to maybe shoot a doe when this buck walked out. Paul said "Wanda there's a big buck, hand me the rifle." She started to aim and said "I see it." Paul said "You'll miss, give me the rifle! She said "I'm going to shoot him" He grabbed for the rifle and all hell broke loose in the stand. A terrible fight started as he tried to wrestle the gun away from her, the stand was shaking, screams and curses filled the air as he finally got her to the floor and snatched the gun away. The poor deer was only 50 yards away minding it's own business and wondering what the hell all the commotion was as Paul came up with the rifle and started blasting away. Ah, Paul has this nice 190 lb. 8-point on the pole to start the 2014 season but is sleeping with one eye open as Wanda plots her revenge.


Phillip said...

Another hilarious tale, Rex! Never know just what to believe, but it sounds like Paul may want to watch his back... hell hath no fury, etc.

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