Monday, January 18, 2016

Satan Counts to Ten

Satan (Paul Howell) sat on his deer stand Sunday morning in the bitter cold waiting on a big buck to cross his path. He could hear deer all around him and knew he was just minutes away from blasting the deer of a lifetime. The sound of running hooves in the stillness, cracking limbs, the flash of white antlers! Yikes, there he was! How many points does he have? Satan ripped off his boots and frantically started counting his toes as he tried to hold his binoculars on the buck. Boy, his toes looked big through those binoculars. The horns looked big too!
The buck was moving down the hillside now and Paul tried to judge him. HE WAS GETTING AWAY! He aimed through the brush, his boot fell out of the stand , noisily distracting him, the rifle ROARED! Arrggghhh, dead tree 8 feet in front of him.
He bolted his rifle, the buck froze, Satan leaned over and put the X on him. BLAM!
He bolted from the stand and ran barefoot down the hill thinking about the huge deer awaiting him....
Not so fast my friend!
Yes, a nice young 10 point was at the bottom of the hill, not the giant monster buck he imagined.
He stood there a minute unbelieving.
his feet were getting cold.

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