Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Weekend With Burney

The deer season is finally winding down and this past weekend we headed to camp to give it the old college try to get a big buck and finish out the season.Me, Trent, Burney, and our old friend Bob Phillips and his son Greg. You remember Bob, you know Lazarus. Well, he was back from the dead but no, he did not get a deer. The weekend belonged to Burney.
He started out by arriving Friday afternoon and heading for the Levee Stand. Walking along he looked out across the field and 3 bucks were out there munching on grass and paying no attention to him, He puts the big stalk on them, gets close enough for a shot, rises up, Click! His gun does not fire, He ejects the bullet as the deer decide maybe they should be in a different county. Boom! The deer are gone and Burney is staring at one of those damn silver coated bullets you all have been buying. THEY ARE WORTHLESS. I don't know how many of those I have seen misfire.
He looks for the deer he shot at, no luck and heads to his stand. He gets in the stand and after a long two minutes, a herd of hogs comes racing at him. Boom, Boom! He gets one but is out of bullets. Another tip always carry six bullets. He finally gets the hog back after dark, but his rifle must have been still looking for action.
We had good hunts Saturday morning but no deer, and in the afternoon we headed out with Burney heading to the 72 acre field. After a long two minutes, a big buck moseyed out in front of him and this time he was actually able to hit it. Congratulation! No one else did anything on the weekend, but the last weekend is coming.

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