Thursday, April 27, 2017

Fishing With Thunderhoof

If you ever come to the famous Christmas Place to go fishing and we go out to get in the boat and that damn Thunderhoof shows up and wants to go, do yourself a favor and go on back to the camp.
He is the worst fishing companion ever. Almost every time I want to go, he shows up. Camo and I can't catch a fish to save our souls.
First of all a 500 lb deer should not be in a 12 foot aluminum boat. Just saying.
He always has his head in the tackle box, eats all the sandwiches, and for no reason at all, he will reach out and stick his head under the water just to look around.
Every now and then he will just jump out of the boat, splashing enough to drown you, then swim around the boat for awhile and then try to get back in.
 You are going to get wet, very wet.
He almost always gets the fishing line wrapped in his antlers and God help you if you actually catch a fish! He goes crazy!! Jumping around, dancing, trying to look at the fish, running back and forth in the boat, pawing at the fish, picking them up in his mouth and shaking them until you are covered in slobber, then he will jump out of the boat.
 You are going to get wet, very wet.


Marian Love Phillips said...

You and Thunderhoof have a wild imagination! Hilarious!

Mailrider said...

He better be careful. One of those alligators​ might want to go fishing with him.