Wednesday, May 24, 2006

My Dog is Failing Duck 101

Harvard, MS> Camo, the wonder dog is having problems. Being raised around Labrador Retrievers, I expect all dogs to have a basic understanding of the duck language and to want to retrieve anything thrown into the water. So, I spend half my time quacking at the dog (she pretends not to understand) and her grade in Duck 101 is an F right now. A stick thrown into the water deeper than her ankle is met by utter refusal to get her butt wet and bring it back!
"Quack, Quack!" for some reason Camo stares at me like I am the crazy one.
I thought she would make an antler dog. This is not working very well either. The getting the antler works good, but bringing it back includes a lot of screaming and chasing the varmint.She is barely passing. Here is what she is good at.
She hates a damn armadillo, she can spot one a mile away and will chase them like a crazy canine. She can't grab 'em but sure has fun chasing them. She also don't care much for a deer and I think that Dad's dog is teaching her bad habits. That Trigger hates a damn deer.
Camo also can spot, track and trail a turtle with the best of them. Box turtles, water turtles, terrapins or tortoise, it makes no difference. Crazy dog will bring them home to play with.
So, as of now, I think she is a turtle dog. I may teach her to speak French and become a frog dog.

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