Monday, May 01, 2006

The Voting Log

Thornton, MS> We were happy with our great deal on the 1000 acres at Natchez, but it was a long way to go every weekend. Hershel kept his eyes open and soon a broker called with a deal. 2000 acres in the edge of the delta called the Christmas Place. Hershel checked it out and fell in love.
To sell the Natchez property he had to have everyone agree. A trip was setup to explore the Christmas Place property and decide. Trent, Paul, Rex and Hershel headed for the delta. They wandered the property looking for deer sign, it looked good, damn good, but Trent really liked Natchez and was unconvinced. They wandered down to a little opening on an old logging road. Right beside the road was a giant hook! The kind that makes your mouth water. It was on a tree as big around as your leg! They all stared, and Hershel said “Let’s sit on that log over there and make a decision” Hershel picked a log out in perfect sight of the giant rub. They sat down and talked the pros and cons. Every now and then they would all glance at the giant hook shining across the clearing as Hershel expounded his ideas. Then they all voted. Since that time the field is known as Negotiation Log or the Voting Log stand.

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