Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday Hodgepodge

Another damn supervisor!

Rex and Mark
30 years of friendship

We replaced the stand at the
arrowhead field and are going
to get it fixed up for Marian.

me actually working!

The wild hogs have returned with a vengeance.
This is me pointing out a hog wallow so that
Phillip will know what he is looking for when he comes down to take care of this porcine


Bill - HPLORD said...

If you have deer hunting blog with pictures of your self pointing to a hog wallow, have a dog for a supervisor, and a picture of your self posing with SuperMario proclaiming 30 years friendship, you might be a redneck!

If you live in New Jersey, and have a competition barbeque team, you might be a redneck, too.

How's things? Wow, guys, time has been tough on you. I hope you shoot better than you look. Rex, Is this the same deer camp we went to when we were at Ole Miss?

Check out my blog...

It's our bbq tesm.

Later, guys!

deerslayer said...

REX; Looks like you've bushhogged, repaired deer stands and found someone to take care of you're hog problem so all thats left to do now is get out and shoot something for yourself. Hope with all the work you've been putting in that it's not to much of a task for you to do that. Good luck to everyone at the camp this year and have a great and prosperous year and a safe one.