Wednesday, September 03, 2008

A Night At the Lammeys'

The Lammey camp is about 15 minutes north of Oxford, near Abbeville, MS. Growing up the Lammeys were in our camp there, but finally the brothers chipped in together and got their own place. The brothers are Jim, Ed, LD, Cullen. Big Jim and Ed are gone now but what a life they had!
Jimmy, Paul and I got together every chance we could to hunt and as we got older, we went to college together, chased girls (through those camps) partied and enjoyed each others company immensely. As Davin got older, he easily fit in with us along with our cousin, Burney.

We don't see the Lammeys very often now and it was a treat for me to get invited to dinner at their camp last Sunday. They gave us the royal treatment and it was great to reunite with them. Here is a pic of Jimmy and Davin in the kitchen.
That Davin can cook!

Here is a pic of James, Jimmy and Matt sitting at the table eating with Denise.
If that table coud talk..............

All the kids and Camo got along great, it made me remember how Paul, Jimmy and I got along as we grew up.
Here is a pic of Spencer with his cousin Anthony, eating, cutting up and having a great time. Hope we can keep it going.
Here are some great cousins and friends. Jimmy, my lost cousin Jana, and Davin.
You will see them at the Youth hunt!

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Davin said...

Thanks for the wonderful plug Rex,we really enjoyed having you and the family up to Abbeville this past wekeend.I really look foward to getting all the Howells' and Lammeys' together very soon for a barbeque.