Tuesday, September 02, 2008

A Victorious Weekend

It was a great weekend with Water Valley winning their big game on Friday night against Coffeeville.

Saturday morning we headed for the Grove at Ole Miss to tailgate with Mark and his family. It was great to be back there and everywhere we went we saw old friends. Here is Tyler Jones (being Mr. Rebel), Mark and my cousin Davin Lammey, plus a bevy of beautiful girls in the background.

This pic is my cousin Jim Lammey talking to the Roses' and Dr. Evil.
Paul aka Dr. Evil has his hand out trying to get their wallets.

A pic of two young honey's showing their spirit. My daughter Sarah and her friend Ashley.

I went over and took a pic with the old people at the ATO old folks home.
There's Hinkle, Zouboukos, Me, Dr. Evil, Mark, Chicken-Man and Schull.
The Rebels had a big night and won over their northern enemy at Memphis.


Davin said...

What a great weekend it was Rex from the Grove,the game,and y'all comming to Abbeville for the barbeque! It really was a bummer having to face reality today and come into work,however reading the blog has made it a bit more bearible. Oh by the way I found your Ezra have it stashed so Jimmy won't drink it all.

SimplyOutdoors said...

Looks like an awesome weekend and I wish I could say the same-that our local team won.