Friday, September 10, 2010

Organizing A Screw-Up

We will be getting in to camp tonight for our big planting weekend and there are a lot of things to talk over and get organized for Saturday. We all have different ideas but I am pretty sure how it will shake out.
1. Trent take tractor somewhere to plow while we get seed and fertilizer on trucks.
2. make sure Paul doesn't slip off to go scouting while we work.
3. go to fields with small tractor, have help loading seed.
4. make sure Paul doesn't disappear.
5. at each field, repair stands, clear shooting lanes.
6. keep one eye on Paul
7. cut out roads leading in and out of each field.
8. don't let Paul take off on 4-wheeler
9. keep water and cold drinks coming from someone while logs and sticks are picked up out of fields
10. not Paul

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