Thursday, September 30, 2010

Spooky Month Has Arrived

Tomorrow starts bow season and October. I will not be bow hunting but I will be concentrating on some blood-curdling, spooky and of course true tales of horror from the famous Christmas Place. You can vote on which ones you want to read by leaving a comment.
1. The Messenger- soon after we purchased the Christmas Place strange and ominous notes started to appear on our camp door.
2. The Military Complex- a secret lab next to our property abandoned after the cold war, but what went on and is anything still hiding there?
3. The Old Covered Bridge- we were enjoying fishing off of it until nightfall caught us there.
4. The Confederate Grave- is the ghost real and what does he want?
5. The Spectral Wolf- I have seen it and feel that I escaped with my life.
Vote for one or two of these and I will have them up soon.

1 comment:

Marian Love Phillips said...

I'm voting for No. 3 & 4 your ghost stories! :)